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Northern Star Photographer

So here's the story: I started at the Northern Star newspaper here on campus and went on my first event on November 10th 2003. I went with another photographer from the Star, and he showed me what their process was, because I've never personally worked for a newspaper before. After that event I've gone out by myself and also worked with other photographers. I worked fall semester 2003, and then the next spring semester. However the fall semsester 2004 I was rather busy with school work, and couldn't shoot much, so they thought it was better if I didn't work there Spring 2005 and concentrated more on school and graduating. So after just over a year I'm no longer an employee, but I'll keep this site up for portfolio purposes.

This page is the listing of the pictures that I've had printed in the Northern Star along with the link to the Star's website. I'm not sure how long the articles stay up on their page, but I'll keep it on my page. The lists are organized by semester and the links are available above.

If you would like to view a list of all the pictures I've had published in the Northern Star they are below, organized by semester. NOTE: These pages may take a while to load, please be patient.

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